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Simple php chat room

simple php chat room

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Back then ajax just started becoming popular, but with very few tools around.
Most Simple Ajax Chat Ever, a fun little project from January orthopedic chat room 2006."n out str_replace out out str_replace out handle fopen (fn, 'w fwrite (handle, out fclose(handle?Content stored as text in chat.#Language The programming language used to write code is PHP #Database mysql database is used to persist data.This application has main 5 files: p (Front view of the application) p (The controller) chatdata.Choose from 2,000 professionals ready to do the work for you.Content of p:?php session_start /Create a session of username and logging in the user to the chat room if(isset post'username /Unset session and logging out user from the chat room if(isset GET'logout unset session'username header Location:p?Txt maxlines 20; nick_maxlength 10; Set this to a minimum wait time between posts (in sec) waittime_sec 0; spam keywords spam "cum spam "dick IP's to block blockip spam, if message IS exactly that string espam "ajax msg _request"m n _request"n if (waittime_sec 0) lastvisit.#Files in this project #p Manages database connectivity.

Codes are well commented wherever required.Create a file called chat.Txt (The Model) s (Stylesheet) jquery library file, content of these files(except jquery library and chatdata.Quick LinksExplore popular categories 26,327, tutorials 1,158, courses 26,843, translations 2018 Envato Pty Ltd.Some of those geeks has also tried to implement some sort of such application as I tried as well during my college days.License: MIT, source, code on Github p?php * Author: chris at * Licence: MIT fn "chat.
html head title Simple Chat Room /title link rel'stylesheet' type'text/css' link rel"stylesheet" href"css/s" / script type"text/javascript" src"js/jquery-1.10.2.min.
Txt 2 http_requests: 1 milf cam vids for checking content, 1 for sending your message.

Txt "r echo fclose(chat else if(isset post'ajaxclear _post'ajaxclear'true) / Code to clear chat history chat fopen chatdata.
At the top, there is list of chronologically sorted message and at the bottom, the input box to write message and submit.