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Funny chat room jokes

Q: Whats the most musical part of a chicken?
A: Kick his sister in the jaw.One day a teacher asked her students to list the names.State has the smallest soft drinks?Whats the last thing that goes through a bugs mind as he hits the windshield?We have come to the conclusion that for many illnesses laughter is indeed the best medicine, or at least helps people chat rooms no register adult to cope. .

'That must be a miracle doctor in there.' he exclaimed.I used to be into sadism, necrophilia, and bestiality, but I realized I was just beating a dead horse.'Oh, it was very disappointing he said.But why are you even worried about dieting?He was selling quack.Q: What dog keeps the best time?'My word!' spluttered the woman, 'How you doctors specialise these days.' See doctor, doctor jokes here.You're gonna have a good time!, Funny Redneck stories and jokes.
Q: What did the midget say when I asked him for a dollar?

How do we know good jokes?
Q: Why did the picture go to jail?