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The different systems are very similar, but users can generally only chat with other people who are using the same system.
Most importantly, people should be very careful about arranging to meet in person someone they do not know.
Other people feel that this deception is unethical.
II HOW chat works, there are many chat systems, including Internet Relay Chat (IRC America Online (AOL) Chat, and Microsoft Chat.People on chat channels may lie about almost anything: their age, their sex, where they live, what they look like.In some of these special chat rooms, participants are organized into virtual rows, as if they were in an auditorium.Usually a chat rooms name describes the topic people in it are supposed to discuss.Teenagers and children who wish to exchange personal information with someone they meet online should always do so under the supervision of a parent or guardian.Users also need a chat system, software that controls the connection between the computers of the people who are chatting.Imho means in my humble opinion.Chat is most commonly used for social interaction.BRB, for example, means be right back.People chatting cannot see one another, and they often do not know one another.Science students may chat with professional scientists.Chat rooms are usually dedicated to a particular group of people, such as teens, or to discussions limited to a single subject area, such as politics.
Users dean campbell nude may chat freely with others in the same row, but not with people in other rows.
Many chat systems are free.

Some chat rooms cover technical topics (computer programming languages or Web site design, for example and others focus on aspects of popular culture (the television show Star Trek, for example).Other kinds of computer communication are asynchronous.Businesses and educational institutions are increasingly using chat as well.History students may chat with elders who lived through the period of history the students are studying.Chat rooms dedicated to topics such as computer trouble-shooting can be useful sources of information because many people with expert knowledge enjoy helping others online.People who chat commonly use free customer support live chat abbreviations.Everyone in all rows hears the presentation given by the featured speakers on the stage.A chat room may have hundreds of people talking at once.Even giving out a phone number can be dangerous; some people who have given a phone number to seemingly friendly strangers online have later been forced to change their number or even get an unlisted one to prevent repeated harassing calls.