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This way they can hear what you are saying on the phone.
As long as you include them in what you are doing, they will not feel so disconnected.

Sometimes the most ordinary people know more about phone sex than the pros.Maybe give your partner a chance to feel what it is like.2)Does your partner want to join.They may know a few secrets about sex toys.You do not have to be a professional to have knowledge in this area.Tell your partner what you are using it for and dont hide it away from them.This is something you may need to keep reminding your partner.Tell them it is just business, though it may not sound like it at times.Have you ever asked them?Once you are off the phone take that sexual energy and use it on them.

Some partners can become jealous over the littlest things.
Adult chat sites are about having fun, not causing problems.
As you turn yourself on the phone with the caller, think of your partner.