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Last Appearance, remember The Monsters?
But when Dexter discovers that she had to be one of the assailants in this case, he later confronts her about a scar on her palm.
Dexter then kills Clint to protect Hannah.
Both Elway and Clayton question Deb, but she covers for Hannah and insists that she does not know where Hannah is and that Dexter would not be dating her.Click here to subscribe.Appearances Season Seven Season Eight Trivia Hannah is a unique case in Dexter's sexual encounters as she was initially a victim, whom he decides to cut free and then has sex with, directly on the table she was meant to be killed.Hannah tells Dexter that it was a scar she got from talking back to Wayne, but Dexter immediately calls her out on her lies.However, she has used the thermos to cover her grabbing a needle filled with horse tranquilizer, and stabs him in the leg with.As a hurricane approaches Miami, Hannah goes to the airport to wait for Dexter and Harrison, hiding in the ladies' room.

Before she stands trial, cam chat stranger she is confronted by Debra Morgan.Edward James Olmos (James Gellar Colin Hanks (Travis Marshall).Hannah assures Dexter that she won't tell his secret when she goes to trial.When questioned by Dexter if she enjoys killing, Hannah is quick to say recorded sex chats "no but that, to her, killing is just nature's way of addition and subtraction.Dexter (Sundays, 9/8c but an intro between the two is imminent and according.Aliases, maggie Randall, maggie Castner, claire Thompson, nicknames.When Zach sees Miles walking to Dexter and Hannah, he sends a text message.As they do, Dexter discovers more about the fates of those who crossed paths with Hannah.Alive, characteristics, age 34, birthday 1, gender, female, eyes.Dexter instructs her how to cover up the murder and when he promises her everything will be okay, she believes him.
They meet a few more times, once over the possessions of Randall's victims. .

The only reason Lumen and Stiles rank so low on our list is because of the crummy explanation that was given when Lumen left the show.
Investigators unearth two bodies - male and female - from one of the sites, and Dexter is sent to analyze the blood spatter.