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Al-Anon is based on the sex girl on cam Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous.
Today, we provide web space for seven (7) different 12 step groups.It will take some time to fully understand how the Twelve Steps can be a helpful tool in recovering from the effects of someones drinking.9 PM eastern time, Sun.Our group holds 14 meetings a week, two each day that you have access to from any where in the world, does not take you away from your home, does not cost any gas to get to or from, and our room and message board.It will take some time to fully understand the significance of anonymity to the Al-Anon program.However, they do provide many with a way to start or continue the journey of healing and recovery for those adversely effected by a family members or friends alcoholism.Write to: Al-Anon (AT) 12stepforums (DOT) net.What Is Miracles In Progress?We invite you to join us in our chat room for online meetings and general support between the meetings, as well as interact on our group message board.Al-Anon recommends that you try at least six different meetings before you decide if Al-Anon will be helpful to you.When we refuse to take responsibility for other people's alcohol or drug use, we allow them to face the natural consequences of their behavior.Our, group Business Meeting is held the 1st Sunday of each month, immediately after the scheduled 7 PM meeting.The meeting will likely begin with a reading of the Twelve Steps of Al-Anon.Caring Space, al-Anon Meeting, wSO # pm Eastern 9 pm Central 8 pm Mountain 7 pm Pacific 3 am UTC (UK log On To Al-Anon Meeting Room tuesday Open Al-Anon Meeting 3 pm Eastern 2 pm Central 1 pm Mountain Noon Pacific 8 pm UTC.

But Al-Anon gives you the opportunity to grow at your own pace.If a child asks why mommy missed the school play, we do not have to lie.Our words arise from blind reaction, not thoughtful choice.Nor do we wish to ever put advertisements on our site to gain funds in order to pay its expenses.Your spiritual development is a personal journey and we respect that.Please take the time to visit our Meeting/Chat Room Info board and read the thread titled.Understood this way, detachment with love plants the seeds of recovery.The only requirement is that there be a problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend.M ost who make a 7th tradition contribution in face to face meetings, contribute one dollar at the 1 hour meeting they are attending.It's Progressive - In the absence of agressive and effective treatment it always gets worse, never better.What is said member to member will be kept confidential and what is shared in a meeting stays in a meeting.