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Administrator campus faculty guide harassment sexual student

administrator campus faculty guide harassment sexual student

The faculty member may disclose the relationship to an appropriate administrator at a higher level (e.g., an associate dean, dean, or director).
Please refer to the.
Sexual harassment violates basic human rights as well as state and federal laws.Duties and responsibilities are: monitoring and oversight of overall implementation of Title IX Compliance at the University; including coordination of training and education communications; and coordination with Student Affairs, Human Resources and Academic Personnel on the processing of complaints and grievances alleging discrimination, harassment and/or.Any University faculty or staff found to have engaged in sexual harassment will be promptly disciplined, and such discipline may include, if circumstances warrant, termination of employment.While compliance with the law is everyone's responsibility at Chico State, the Director of Labor Relations Compliance has primary best of lana rain camgirl responsibility for Title IX compliance.Students suspected of academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary proceedings.
Who has the authority to decide a conflict cant be resolved?
As department Chair, you have the authority to decide, in conjunction with the head of the academic unit (e.g., the dean, director, or equivalent that no acceptable resolution to the conflict can be found.

As the academic administrator for the unit in which the faculty member holds an appointment, its your responsibility to take steps for the University to confirm that a conflict does not exist in this situation or, if a conflict does exist, to resolve.(c) All parties involved in an academic appeal will be informed about the final disposition of the appeal.The existence of a written conflict resolution plan does not prohibit the student from filing a claim of sexual harassment, which should be reported to the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE).In developing a plan for resolving the conflict you or the head of your academic unit (e.g., the dean) may decide to talk with the student to determine whether the proposed plan accomplishes these ends.Individual faculty members retain primary responsibility for assigning grades and evaluations.The student selected to serve on the panel will be an undergraduate when the grievance is from an undergraduate student and will be a graduate student when the grievance is from a graduate student.About Equal Opportunity and Dispute Resolution.

Tell the faculty member only that the student told you that she or he is having or has had in the past a romantic and/or sexual relationship with the faculty member.
Now that Im aware of the situation, as department Chair what are my responsibilities?