Forex Investment: How to use Fibonacci Retracements to improve your forex trading!

One of the most commonly used indicators that forex analysts almost always apply at some time or another to their charts are Fibonacci retracements. So, who was Fibonacci? Born around 1170, Fibonacci was the offspring of a merchant and city official. He grew up to be a famous mathematician, and was the discoverer of the […]

Taking Some Forex Trader Mentoring

If you are thinking about furthering your career in forex trading, you may want to try getting the services of forex trader mentoring. There are plenty of professional forex practitioners these days which offer their services for consultancy purposes. You can ask them about the latest in the field of financial forex and what’s the up and coming trends in the currency trading game. Some of those who offer such services belong to well-known financial institutions so they can give you a more holistic form of advice.

But keep in mind that opting to get a forex trader mentoring services is an investment. You need to allot some amount to get this done well and to make sure you only get the best out there. So to help you make the right decision when choosing from your options, here are some important tips you may want to follow:

1. Check the bio or resume of the forex mentor – Most of the consultants who offer their help in forex consultancy have a ready resume to boot. You should take the time to read this fine print because it will give you an idea with what’s been the professional history of this person. It would also give you a solid background to research on. It would be a good idea if you can find the time to check the credibility of the references stated in the resume.

2. Take note of forex affiliations or memberships on financial institutions – Some of those who take up the services of giving sound advice in the field of forex trading are brokers. You should know that even in forex, brokers are given a license and often belong to a specific group where they are duly recognized as affiliates. It would be great to have a mentor who have such credentials because you can be sure that whatever consultancy being provided to you is up to par with the current market standards.

3. Look at the client history – When you get a mentor, the most important thing that you should also consider are the clients that have been included in the mentor’s portfolio. You can also evaluate their services much better if there are testimonials included. It would be best too if you can find details on the work relationship that have happened between the mentor and the clients so you can pretty much expect what type of services they can do for you.

4. Check out the rates – Forex trading mentoring is often billed on an hourly basis, but depending on the person and the engagment, you can opt to make a few adjustments too. Alongside the rates, you should also evaluate the services which you can expect from the mentor so that you can really say that you are getting just the right stuff that you are going to pay for.

Beef up your foreign currency exchange knowledge through the help of a forex mentor. But as you do so, don’t forget that you should not expect the mentor to work like a magician on your business. You should also do your part in making sure that those great ideas you learn are brought to life.

How To Use “Market Profile” To Improve Your Forex Investment

Market profile can be used to really improve trading success stories. Many investors may wonder what a market profile is, and how it is used. These answers are actually simple, and are much less complex than they sound. Market profile can go by other names, such as time price opportunities, or TPO, and volume profile, as well as others. A market profile is a chart which has time increments of one half an hour, as well as prices and currencies. This will allow you to determine which times see the most market movement, as well as the general direction the movement takes. A market profile chart will show which times and which prices see the most activity by traders, and which time periods are slow when it comes to trading.

When you use a market profile you will notice trades which are more profitable, because you can pinpoint market movements usually. This is not foolproof, and no investment ever is, because the markets are not always predictable. Using a market profile chart can help you minimize the risks involved though, while maximizing your potential gains. You do not have to have level 2 access to get the data needed to create a market profile chart, so you can do it regardless of your access level. Simply list the prices vertically on the left of the chart, and the volume of trading horizontally on the bottom of the chart. You have two options when it comes to the time frame in thirty minute increments. You can use colors or letters, and determine the exact time that each block represents on your market profile chart.

Market profile charts can help you easily determine many factors. One of these is which prices have been traded in the last few minutes, and another is which time of day is the most active on the market for a specific price value. How you use the market profile will depend on which type of trader that you are, but these charts can be invaluable in determining the levels of support and resistance, and the placement of pivot points if you use them. Market profile charts can be used by all traders, whether you are a short term or day trader or you are in it for the long haul.

Once you have designed your market profile charts, examine them closely. Look at all the factors involved that affect your trades. Your market profile can be used alone, or it can be combined with other tools and types of analysis. No matter how you use the results of the market profile analysis, it can be a very useful tool in your investing toolbox. Whether you are a day trader or a swing trader, or another type, you can use market profile charts to help you evaluate possible trades, and to set your levels of support and resistance to minimize possible losses and raise the odds of a profitable trade. The whole point of trading is to increase your capital, not lose it, and market profile charts can help you do this.

Establishing a Forex Investment Plan: Selecting Forex Trading Software

If you are like an ever growing number of men and women the world over, you may have made the decision to become involved in Forex investing. Towards achieving this goal, you may now be looking for Forex trading software that will best meet your needs, goals and objectives. Through this informational article you are presented with an overview of what you need to look for when it comes to Forex trading software.

When it comes to selecting Forex trading software the most important feature that you need to keep in mind is whether or not particular Forex trading software really will keep you connected to the international monetary market. The reality is that the international monetary market, the foreign exchange market, is one of the fastest paced of all of the commercial markets in operation today. The fact is that the value of a nation’s currency can change in what amounts to nearly a heartbeat. Therefore, one of the primary functions of any Forex trading software that is worth its salt is being able to keep you posted to changes on the market around the clock.

In regard to communications and connections to the market that are offered through certain types of Forex trading software you will want to look for Forex trading software that offers an array of means of keeping you in touch. For example, prime Forex trading software will allow you to run RSS feeds on your desktop which will keep you posted on changes on the international monetary market. In addition, the most advanced and useful Forex trading software will also you the ability to keep connected with the Forex market via emails, instant messages and event through text messages to your mobile phone. In other words, you can receive market alerts via your selected Forex trading software through all of these mediums.

In your search for Forex trading software you will also want to play close attention to what is available to you in the way of customer service and technical support. The bottom line is that if you find yourself having a problem or difficulty with Forex trading software you want to make sure that you have access to professional assistance around the clock to get your Forex trading software back up and running. You simply cannot afford to have your Forex trading software out of commission for any time at all.

Finally, when it comes to Forex trading software, you will find that you will be able to purchase Forex trading software in a variety of price ranges. In short, you will be able to find a Forex trading software program or application that fits your budget. Of course, when it comes to cost issues and Forex trading software you will want to make sure that you thoroughly examine what you will be getting for your money when you do make the purchase of one type of Forex trading software or another. You will want to make sure you get the most for your money when you purchase a Forex trading software program.